Product Description

Our organic agave inulin is sourced exclusively from Jalisco, Mexico and it is only produced from the youngest and freshest agave pinas. Agave inulin has become popular as the best organic inulin in the market. Agave inulin has 90% fiber and it is soluble in water. Most fibers have cellulose which does not dissolve in water. Organic agave inulin is a special ingredient because it mimics fat in its melty creamy texture but it is not a fat. Agave inulin also mimics a sweetener because its slight sweet taste. Many industries use agave inulin to add fiber to their end product. Organic agave inulin is produced by squeezing the juice from the agave plant. The juice is then spray dried and filtered into inulin. We can supply you bulk or retail packaged

Bulk Packaging :  20 kg carton

Retail Packaging : 250 g organic creamed coconut

Country of Origin

mexico  Mexico

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