Product Story & background

We did not stop innovating when we came out with agave sugar. The market demanded an agave sugar which mimicked the granulate consistency of cane sugar. As a result, we found a way to blow air into the agave sugar as to inflate the sugar and turn the texture from powder into a granulate. Because it is granulated, it prevents clumping up and it also makes it a more pleasant texture.

Agave sugar has the same benefits as agave syrup. It?s approximately 40% sweeter than regular sugar, has a low glycemic index and dissolves easily. In industrial recipes agave powder is used in the production of hard texture confectionery, hard texture baked goods and anything else that specifically requires a powder sweetener. For end consumer use agave sugar is great for regular baking, to sprinkle on pancakes or to replace sugar in any recipe.

Production process

Agave Sugar is obtained by spray drying agave syrup with maltodextrine as a carrier for the drying. After it is dried, the sugar is passed through a granulating machine which injects air into the sugar and thus inflating it as a granulate.

Health Benefits

It has a low glycemic index and is rich in minerals.

Country of Origin

mexico? Mexico

Sensory Description

Colour- White

Aroma- Typical sweet

Taste- Typical sweet

Packaging Options

20kg box

Special Handling

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Industrial Applications

An all sugar replacement, natural sweetener

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