Product Description

Our organic agave syrup comes from Jalisco, Mexico. It is a widely used liquid sweetener that has a light golden color. The flavor of our organic agave syrup is sweet without a strong aftertaste. Its neutral flavor, good solubility, and light color has made this ingredient a champion for beverage manufacturers. Organic agave syrup light fits with fruit preparations, jams, fruit juices, and any kind of fruity taste. Agave syrup has a low GI, which makes it attractive as a healthy sweetener. We can deliver bulk agave syrup with steady prices throughout the year and can also package it into PET transparent plastic squeeze bottles without a label or with your label in 180ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles. Ask about our private label solutions !

Bulk Packaging :  25.5 kg pail and jerry can / 285 kg drum / 1380, 1400 kg IBC

Retail Packaging :  350 g PET bottle

mexico  Mexico

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