Product Description

We source our organic coconut blossom nectar exclusively from The Philippines because they have the best quality/price/taste relationship. Our organic coconut blossom nectar is made by draining the sap from the flowers of the coco nucifera tree. A juice with 16% solids comes out and is slowly concentrated to 77% solids through low-temperature heating.

This artisanal product has a similar taste to coconut sugar. Because it is minimally processed, only a dark version is available. This product is completely shelf-stable at room temperature and can be cold filled. There is no need for pasteurizing, unlike many other types of nectar. It is a tasty, unrefined sweetener which is optimal for sauces, marinates, baking, and beverage manufacturing. We can deliver bulk or filled plastic bottles without a label or with your label.

Bulk Packaging :  280 kg drum

Retail Packaging :  350 g PET bottle

Country of Origin

srilanka  Sri Lanka

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