Product Story & background

Our coconut milk powder is the ideal dairy milk powder replacement. It can be used in an array of industrial applications such as vegan ice creams, bakery, chocolate, creamers, soups and much more. Our organic coconut milk powder is rich in coconut aroma and has a sweet taste. The texture is creamy and smooth. If you taste the powder directly, it melts in your mouth leaving a rich coconut taste. Many recipes which use strictly dairy milk powder can now be hacked for vegans. Weather you have a brand and want to retail organic coconut milk powder or if you want to integrate it to your recipe, the most important thing you need to know is that “it is a viable replacement to dairy milk powder because it mimics the texture and melting point.”

Our organic coconut milk powder comes from The Philippines, country of coconuts and tropical beaches. Our Organic coconut milk powder is produced by cold pressing the milk from the coconut flesh. The milk comes out at approximately 26% fat content and the milk is dried together with a carrier (maltodextrine) to obtain coconut milk powder. After drying, the powder is screened for consistency, flavor, fat, foreign materials and moisture to ensure that the quality is reliable.

With our stable organic coconut milk powder formula, you can buy now in bulk directly and use it, repack it or sell as an ingredient.

Bulk Packaging :  15 kg cartons

Retail Packaging :  250 g , 1 kg pouch

Country of Origin

philippine  Philipinnes

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