Product Story & background

Our organic refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil (RBD) is refined in The Netherlands from organic crude coconut oil produced in The Philippines. The main focus of this product is that it does not have any taste or smell. Because of its completely neutral taste and smell it is used in vegetable spreads, baked goods, fried goods and many other applications that call for an odorless and tasteless recipe.

RBD pairs extremely well with savory products due to its lack of taste and odor.

Like virgin coconut oil, RBD becomes solid under 26 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent replacement for dairy butter or palm oil. Our bulk RBD comes in metal drums, heatable IBC’s or pails. We can also package RBD in glass or plastic jars of your choice. We also offer no label RBD so you can attach your own label or we can print and attach your label for you. Ask about our private label solutions for more details.

Bulk packaging :  20 kg pails / 190, 200 kg drums / 900 kg heatable IBC

Retail Packaging :  500 ml glass jars

Country of Origin

philippine  Philipinnes

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