Product Story & background

We source all of our organic coconut sugar from the central Island of Java in Indonesia. We have invested heavily in production technology with our partners in Indonesia to obtain a completely clean tasting coconut sugar, which is as free flowing as possible.

The taste of coconut sugar is sweet with a strong hint of caramel. The texture is soft and the product melts in your mouth with a rich taste and texture. This wonderful sweetener is obtained by draining the sap from the flowers of the coco nucifera tree.

Coconut sugar is a wonderful replacement for cane sugar, honey and stevia. Because it has a low GI, your body slowly absorbs energy throughout the day versus all at once like cane sugar. It is used often in confectionary and a retail items. We can supply expertly packed bulk coconut sugar in cartons which prevent clumping or we can pack it for you in a retail printed pouch, labeled glass jar or printed canister.

Bulk Packaging :  20, 25 kg carton

Retail Packaging :  250 g , 1 kg pouch

Country of Origin

indonesie  Indonesia & philippine  Philipinnes

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