Organic Coconut Syrup (Light)

Our organic coconut syrup light is made in Europe from the finest Indonesian coconut sugar. We steam and carbon-filter the organic coconut sugar in our facility and then mechanically filter the dark color out by removing coconut sugar granulate. This great-tasting sweetener has the most neutral taste. If you’re looking for the top of the line in coconut syrup, our European light coconut syrup will not disappoint. Because of its comparably high price, it’s often used in gourmet ice creams or in retail packaging for organic A- brands and Retailers. We can offer this ingredient in bulk or in PET plastic squeeze bottles in 250ml and 500 ml sizes.

Bulk Packaging :  300 kg drum / 1400 kg IBC

Retail Packaging :  350 g PET bottle

Country of Origin

flags_ned  The Netherlands

Sensory Description

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