Product Story & background

We source our organic creamed coconut from The Philippines. This product is also known as coconut butter or coconut paste. It is a simple product, which is obtained from blending organic desiccated coconut into a spread. The dried coconut becomes liquid after grinding because its high fat content. With around 67% fat content, this product is often used a base for vegetable drinks like coconut milk beverages. As little as 2% creamed coconut is used to make coconut milk so this ingredient goes a long way in texturizing and creating a rich mouth feel. Product separation is normal (fats and solids) similar to a natural almond butter without emulsifiers. We are one of the only companies in Europe which is able to fill creamed coconut into jars. Contact us about private label solutions on this item.

Bulk Packaging :  200 kg drum

Retail Packaging : 250 g organic creamed coconut

Country of Origin

srilanka  Sri Lanka

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