Product Story & background

We purchase all of our VCO in The Philippines because this origin has a reliable supply chain to ensure the freshest and safest product quality. Our organic virgin coconut oil is obtained by cold pressing desiccated coconut and filtering all the impurities with mechanical press filters. Virgin Coconut oil has a unique free fatty acid composition, ranking it as one of natures healthiest edible oils. Virgin coconut oil is used as a cooking oil mostly for Asian cuisine because it normally calls for coconut flavor. It is also used in bakery and other confectionary because its mildly sweet taste.

On top of being a versatile edible oil, our virgin coconut oil is used extensively in the cosmetic industry. VCO is rich in lauric and caprylic acid.

Under 26 degrees celcius VCO becomes a solid fat. Virgin Coconut oil is the ideal palm oil/ dairy butter replacement. Our virgin coconut oil is clear white in color with a hint of caramel/coconut taste. We are a reliable partner for this ingredient, weather you are sourcing a bulk, private label or white label solutions.

Bulk Packaging :  190 kg drum / 900, 920 kg heatable IBC

Retail Packaging :  280 ml , 500 ml , 1000 ml , 1550 ml glass jars

Country of Origin

philippine? Philipinnes

srilanka? Sri Lanka

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